by Arthur Freye & Jannis Müller

Uncover Quantum Soundscapes: Experience the Sonic Potential of the Schrödinger Equation

Play with Quantum Mechanics

Take advantage of the simulation’s motion characteristics to create large and evolving sounds. Play big chords or focus on the melody – QSynthi has you covered.

Sculpt the sound you want

QSynthi brings the power of quantum physics to your sound design process. By translating a quantum simulation into dynamic and evolving sounds, it opens up a new world of possibilities for music production. This innovative instrument provides real-time, adaptive tones, enabling a unique exploration of the sonic possibilities inherent in the fascinating world of quantum phenomena.

Simulate real life phenomena

QSynthi lets you animate real-life phenomena through sound, offering a unique and interactive way to understand complex systems. Explore, tweak and play – it’s quantum physics, but with a melodic twist.

Harmonic Oscillator

This video showcases a harmonic oscillator, its wave moving within a quadratic potential, closely mirroring the expected behavior. 

Tunnel Effect

This video demonstrates the tunnel effect, a typical quantum phenomenon not found in classical physics, as particles seemingly pass through barriers.

See how it was made

The extended abstract has been written and accepted for the International Conference on Auditory Display 2023. It explores the development of detailed quantum simulations and their subsequent transformation into immersive auditory experiences.

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Got interested?​

Did you get interested in creating your own quantum based sound? Download QSynthi now for free.